If this is the cover, it must be good.

13 May, 2008

Nobody does better cover art than The Criterion Collection these days. They’re the only distributor that can seduce me into buying one of their incredibly expensive DVDs based on the cover alone! Case in point: Derek Jarman’s Jubilee.

Thank God I liked the film. Thankfully I have Netflix now and don’t have to take risks like that again.

As for Walker, I first heard about it during a brief segment of the amazing and sadly-overlooked documentary Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten last year. I know he scored the film and I also know he plays an extra in one hilarious moment. But it does look like a genuinely good movie. Can’t go wrong with Ed Harris, for one. I’m not that familiar with Alex Cox except for his woefully inaccurate Sid & Nancy — good only for bringing Gary Oldman into world cinema — and for being sacked from directing Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. So obviously not the most flattering portrait of any filmmaker. That said, I have read a few editorials by him and he does seem like an intelligent director. We really need more of those in this business.

Oh I did once see an ad for a film of his called Revenger’s Tragedy starring Christopher Eccleston (a far superior Doctor to David Tennant) and Derek Jacobi. It looked pretty sweet. Anyone see it?


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