Calmer than you are, Dude.

14 May, 2008

This is old news by now but I couldn’t resist.

Back in high school I was one of those right-wing rebels who thought watching Fox News and trashing liberals just because was cool. I’ve grown up since then but I still think that Billo is capable of making good points every now and then. I mean, compared to Hannity or Coulter or Gibson (the worst of the lot) he’s actually somewhat moderate. But at the same time I cannot deny that the man is also BATSHIT INSANE. His show has also turned into an excuse for a dirty old man to flirt with all the Fox News analysts with their long legs and beautiful tits. Even my Reaganite father sees this.

But this clip is just heavenly. I mean, Inside Edition was taped, was it not? I’ve done taped shows at Hofstra before. If a teleprompter screws up, it’s really not a big deal. Now, if they had been having similar problems all day, I could understand his outburst, but I’d to think that everything had been going brilliantly and Billo just had to go off the rails at that moment.

I can’t believe I went to a book signing in 11th grade. I met him! I shook his hand! He signed a copy of The O’Reilly Factor For Kids for me! But he addressed it to me so I can’t sell it on eBay! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!?!?!?!?


3 Responses to “Calmer than you are, Dude.”

  1. Alice said

    This is pure gold.
    My godfather was interviewed by him way back when he was still in Scranton.
    I love crazy Irishmen! This is a better Bill O’Reilly than that smug bastard on his show. I’d rather see him go off like this than sit there with that damn smirk.

  2. Noah said

    I hear he used to have more outbursts like this early on but it was usually about serious issues like pedophilia and whatnot.

  3. Rob said

    That’s only cause they turned him on then, now it just wishes for viagra to get it oop.

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