An actual bloggish post.

29 May, 2008

Drove back to Hofstra U. — Long Island — to meet my friends with whom I’m sharing a house this fall. We got screwed out of a deal at the last minute by a two-bit scumbag so we are homeless for now. There was one that was looking great as of a few hours ago. The reason I drove all the way up there was to hand in the necessary paperwork and have done with it. But now one of the guys wants to back out because of his allergies. His totally stubborn, if well-defended, reasoning seems infallible at this point so we’re back to square one again. Fucking great.

I don’t have the energy to tell the entire story but basically I sacrificed my on-campus privileges to help out two friends whose financial situations are so bad that it would ruin them to live in a dorm. And now one of these jokers is jeopardizing me even more because he can’t get past the fact that a brand new carpet tends to irritate the senses for the first few weeks.

Well I’ve had it. If this falls through, we have another potential four-person house. I refuse to get my hopes up about that one. Failing that, the third person and I (the only responsible, logical ones right now) are cutting the cord and finding our own place. This is just too much. Meanwhile I still hope that the cocksuckers who raped us out of a perfectly good house get cancer and die. Better yet I hope the pregnant wife suffers a miscarriage and THEN gets cancer and dies. That’ll be good.

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