A melting pot of morons.

8 June, 2008

This is possibly the best thing I was involved in during high school. In order to make fun of the supremely idiotic Day of Truth (converting gays to Christianity), my friends and I devised The Day of Ultimate Truth, and made this companion “documentary.” Of course, I gave myself a fake director’s credit, because I was a wimp back then but I spent one great weekend of my life filming and editing all of this.

Now, the reason I’m posting it isn’t just a bit of self-promotion. I just want all of you to read the comments. Some of the biggest morons on the internet have made it their mission to respond to this video. For the record, TulseLuper, UltraMegaLord, and Dowds111 are us. But as for the rest of it…man.


2 Responses to “A melting pot of morons.”

  1. Andrew said

    This video is awesome on so many levels. I love the line “Graphs don’t lie”. I showed this to my room mate and he thought the kayak guy at the beginning was hilarious. Those you-tube comments are absolutely unbelievable, the internet has a higher concentration of psychos than I ever thought possible.

  2. Rob said

    I just posted a comment, it will definitely be taken the wrong way *wink*

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