Most awkward TV interview ever?

15 June, 2008

It’s up there. I love it when Tyra Banks tries to be a serious journalist. And talking to the Phelps clan no less? That would be like me challenging the late Bobby Fischer to game of chess.

Why does anyone bother talking to these psychopaths? This isn’t even a remotely threatening cult like Scientology, for instance. You can hear the utter disbelief in Tyra’s voice when she learns that there are only 70 people in the church. Reminds me of the scene in Life of Brian when Michael Palin asks John Cleese what happened to the Popular Front. “He’s over there.” Cleese points to a 100-year-old man hanging out on his own.

I read a post online in which someone suggested protesting Fred Phelps’ funeral when he dies. Yeah, they wouldn’t eat that up and crave the attention at all. Let the crazy cats have their ball of yarn and move on.


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