Baracking News!

18 June, 2008

As usual, Jon Stewart says nothing groundbreaking on the subject but says it better than anyone. I’ve said this a million times, I have no intention of voting for Obama, but boy is he good at revealing Americans’ racial prejudices.



One Response to “Baracking News!”

  1. J. paddy said

    Got that one right, Mccain will not get my vote anyway but this season has shown us what kind of racial differences we have. Now racism which is defined as institutional marginalisation of an ethnic group through prejudice and power has caucasians as victims.

    Last time I checked, the US was predominantly controlled caucasians. Obama is the only black man in the senate yet he is been painted as a white hater. We give Falwell, Robertson and Hagee a pass and condemn Wright when it was Wright who had a legitimate reason to be angry. Just go back to the 60s.

    Now we are saying Pfleger is a racist. Truth is, we are pretending that our racial history never existed. Why? The land America was built on the sweat of Slaves. Aknowledge it. Black people have been marginalised and stereotyped, face it.

    We need an open approach to our racial differences and see whether reparations in funds are necessary just like we do for Jews due to the holocaust. Let’s open the wound, treat it and let it heal properly.

    Obama might be the very thing we need. He sees it from both ends. an abandoned black father, a loving white mum and a racially polarised America. Close to Coburn, Wright and Pfleger, disagree without been disagreeable.

    Question is, with this little experience, can he deliver? That is my problem. I will not vote for Mccain though, God anything is beter than McBush.

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