Why contemporary comedy sucks, part two.

27 July, 2008

I’m working on a romantic-comedy at the moment. As a result, I’ve been going back to the great screwball comedies of the Golden age of Hollywood like The Philadelphia Story and His Girl Friday. I’ve also been reading up on why the genre is so embarrassing these days. My favorite so far is A.O. Scott’s recent essay focusing on recent forgettable entries like 27 Dresses and Fool’s Gold.

“But the movies made under the old taboos of the Production Code are far more sophisticated, and far less timid, than what we see today. The standard PG-13 romantic comedy nowadays treads so delicately in fear of giving offense to someone somewhere that it wonders into blandness and boredom. Its naughty R-rated sibling, meanwhile, will frequently wallow in coarseness at the expense of subtlety or wit, mistaking grossness for honesty.”

So so so true. Link.


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