Do what the poster says.

6 August, 2008

I don’t understand why everyone is determined to despise this film. Suddenly Oliver Stone’s usual grand-standing and half-truths is upsetting liberals and conservatives alike but how is this any different from JFK or Nixon? Well, actually, I know how it’s different. Dubya is still alive. Dubya is still in office. And we all really really want him to go away. Could it be that making a film about him so soon is like rubbing salt in the wound?

Maybe it’s because I’ve had low expectations from the beginning. I’ve said many times that Bush isn’t a very interesting person. Nixon was a fascinating character — as everyone always says, Shakespeare would’ve written a play about him — and therefore his biopic worked. But the Nixon of the Bush administration is really Cheney. Now that’s a film I would see. Luckily we’ve got Richard Dreyfuss in this one as Cheney so that should be enjoyable. I’m going to see W. and all I’m going to expect is an entertaining, well-acted (most of his films are) piece of cinema as opposed to a groundbreaking historical document.

Sheesh, people. It’s only a movie.


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