What’s wrong with this picture?

8 August, 2008

 Take a look at the front page of BBC News. Now, take a look at the front page of CNN.

Now, CNN is supposedly the fairest of all the cable news networks. I expect Fox Noise to jump all over this story — after all their Republican sex scandals they need this — but CNN? MSNBC? Are you fucking kidding me!? A fucking war is going on as we speak and our news networks are going apeshit over a former Presidential candidate’s private sex life. What is the message here? This is America. And in America, sex is always worse than war.

Consider me an expatriate from here on out. As soon as I can, I am moving to Europe and I am never coming back. Fuck you America. Fuck you.


6 Responses to “What’s wrong with this picture?”

  1. pressman1819 said

    maybe moving to Europe is a little extreme?

    anyways, i agree with you on the sex vs. war saga. It seems as if all people want to hear about are the personal lives of screwed up people. Instead, we should be focusing on the more important things like the war. I totally agree with your post.

    okay…maybe not the last part where you say “fuck america”, but everything else.

  2. Noah said

    I’ve been thinking of moving to Europe for a long time. This is just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I think the ideals of America and the Founding Fathers are wonderful — I have nothing but respect for the US Constitution — but nobody in power seems to agree with me. This little experiment has officially failed.

    It really should be called The United Corporations of America.

  3. brent said

    i’m glad to see you use the word “experiment” to describe america. ive long said exactly the same. this country is nothing more than a long-term social experiment. the experiment failed and the rest of the world is looking on, twiddling their safety goggles, wondering if we will go out with a fizzle or a boom.

    and come on, how can you expect better than that from CNN. every time i turn it on they’re talking about a homeless man being reunited with his dog or a elevator suddenly going backwards or some other local 6 o’clock news bullshit. they should really just remove the “news” part from CNN and just become the “cable network”. all the news in this country is so selective in their reporting and so biased toward one thing or another that i dont even bother following it anymore. everything you read will be either disgustingly conservative, disgustingly liberal or nauseatingly irrelevant and i just cant bring myself to puke that much.

  4. yvonne said

    i understand how you feel, but the reason it IS important to report this item is because he lied about the affair while he was a potential presidential candidate and may have (denies it, but it may become clear he did) used money pledged to his campaign to silence the woman. so it’s public interest because public money may have been misused.

    what’s the bigger story – the national enquirer broke this a lonnnngggggg time ago and no networks picked up the story. major news sources claim to be bastions of investigation, but they got scooped by a “tabloid.”

  5. Rob said

    I feel you brother 😀


  6. Noah said

    That may be true, Yvonne, but the button used to draw people into the TV wasn’t the fact that he may have used campaign money to silence her. It was the fact that he slept around while his wife was dying of cancer. It’s a classic example of burying the lead.

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