One extreme to another.

9 August, 2008

We all remember this little goldmine, right?

But there’s another side to Fox’s bizarre fascination with sex. Check out this page that Rob just sent me.

“Whether practicing bondage and discipline or S&M (sado-masochism), many individuals and couples thrive off of the power dynamic certain forms of sex play offer. With one partner in charge and the other submissive, acts can involve binding, spanking, pinching, and verbal humiliation, among other activities. Some people like this because they experience sexual gratification from being dominated, from calling the shots, or from inflicting and experiencing pain.”

I’m not a prude but… = I am a prude and…


One Response to “One extreme to another.”

  1. Rob said

    Billo is just a big ol perv hiding in a hotel room getting off on granny pRoN

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