Chef is dead.

10 August, 2008

What’s with the wave of celebrity deaths this year? Heath Ledger, George Carlin, Tim Russert, Paul Scofield, Roy Scheider, Charlton Heston, Harvey Korman, Bo Diddley, Bernie Mac, Sydney Pollack, Anthony Minghella, and now Isaac Hayes. Not to mention that Paul Newman allegedly has a few weeks to live. God I’m sure I’m forgetting somebody. Funny, people are dying all the time, but we only notice when so many of them happen to be famous.


4 Responses to “Chef is dead.”

  1. donstuff said

    That Shaft is (was) one bad mother… (watch yourself)!

  2. Dale Odom said

    Yes, you are right, we notice and talk about those who are famous, but there are so many others who deserve recongition for lives well lived. That includes Estelle Getty.

    I one crossed paths with Isaac Hayes in Santa Barbara. I liked him. Great musician.

  3. Dale Odom said

    Another special prerson we forgot, the lovely actress and dancer Cyd Charisse.

    Please fogive the tyoo on the previous comment. I once crossed paths literally with Isaac Hayes. He was wonderful singer and songwriter too.

  4. Noah said

    Well I knew I was forgetting somebody.

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