Jesus Christ, I hate the goddamn MPAA and denounce it in favor of another deity!

13 August, 2008

In a perfect world I wouldn’t have to worry about this type of thing, but as I attempt to write a PG-13 screenplay, I wonder what the MPAA’s stance is on blaspheming. I know you can say “Oh my God” until the cows come home but what of harsher blasphemies like “goddamn” or “Oh Jesus Christ”? Do they have a tally on those? I’m doing perfectly well avoiding F-bombs — in fact I just used the obligatory “one fuck” that all PG-13 films seem to have — but I just can’t resist some good old using the Lord’s name in vain.


2 Responses to “Jesus Christ, I hate the goddamn MPAA and denounce it in favor of another deity!”

  1. Andrew said

    I’m not sure about the MPAA but I know all about the FCC’s stance on this stuff from working at KUCI. “Oh my God” and “Jesus Christ!” are perfectly ok; however, Profanity, legally defined as “calling the wrath of any deity onto any living thing” is never ok. For example If I were to go on tv and say something like “God damn Bob Saget.” I would face a heavy fine. Interestingly, I could face the same fine for saying “May Vishnu set fire to that tree!” because, under the law, they are equally offensive. It is perfectly fine however to with the wrath of god or gods on any non living object i.e. “May Vishnu burn your house down” Hope this helps!

  2. Noah said

    Well I’m glad the FCC is covering multiple religions even if I disagree with the group fundamentally. Anyway, I think they might be stricter than the MPAA since it’s television, but who knows? Thanks anyway.

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