There is no God.

16 August, 2008

I went to see a childrens’ production of Godspell that my sister was in. It’s the worst musical ever made.

And no, the fact that kids were performing it made no difference (Though that didn’t help.) Even my father, who always gives this stuff the benefit of the doubt, despised it: “Now I remember why I blocked this show out of my memory 30 years ago.” Every single song is forgettable, there is no narrative to speak of, and the interpretation of the Gospel is so shallow it’s offensive even to this heathen writer. Why the fuck are Judas and John the Baptist played by the same guy? What point are  you making? At least Jesus Christ Superstar has a handful of catchy tunes, has a well-structured narrative that sticks to the story pretty well, and has a substantial point to make about Jesus and more so his relationship with Judas. What do we get in Godspell? A bunch of mentally-deranged hippies following another mentally-deranged hippy wearing a Superman t-shirt and rainbow suspenders who has NOTHING of substance to say. Is that the Jesus you really want to worship?

The whole show plays like a two-hour Sunday School lesson written and directed by that middle-aged sexless prude who probably found God after failing to be an actress years before. I actually had tears in my eyes during the show; that’s how much I loathed it. And what’s worse? The cretinous retards in the audience gave it a standing ovation! Do those people have any sophistication at all? Do they know anything about theatre or storytelling or THEIR OWN FUCKING RELIGION!?

There is no God. If He existed, He would’ve struck down the writers of this Godawful piece of shit (No pun intended.)

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