The Guy can’t catch a break.

17 August, 2008

When William Goldman famously wrote of Hollywood, “Nobody knows anything,” he wasn’t kidding. In the past week, Warner Bros has pushed back the new Harry Potter film after loads of hype and marketing, has dropped their jaws at the success of The Dark Knight as though there was any doubt about its success, and is now dumping Guy Ritchie’s latest with a puny release on the grounds that it’s \”too English.\”

Too English!? We’re not talking Merchant-Ivory here; anyone with half a brain can see that this is an action movie, no different from the usual Joel Silver fare. It has that ripped guy from 300, that funny awkward guy from Entourage, and that rapper who is slightly famous called Ludacris. What is so uncommercial about this film? We’re not talking Revolver here; this is Ritchie’s return to form. Let me remind of what it looks like:

Are Americans stupid and ignorant? Some are, but I think most Americans just want to see good movies. They may have made Meet The Spartans #1 at the box office last February but that doesn’t mean a substantial number of them liked it. The truth is that the corporations who run the media think we’re all idiots and therefore they release their pictures accordingly. There is no reason why Rocknrolla can’t be a hit as long as it’s a good and entertaining movie. Too bad the studios today are too thin-skinned to take real chances every once and a while.

Remember when Warner Bros was the maverick studio? Goddamn…


One Response to “The Guy can’t catch a break.”

  1. Rob said

    Studios are stupid and ignorant in a way far different from the average americans ignorance. Hollywood is a closed system that feeds on itself, and because they are corporations will always be behind on what people like or think people will like.

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