Where’s the firebombing?

26 August, 2008

So I watched the primetime coverage of the DNC last night. First I started on MSNBC with Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann anchoring. First, Nancy Pelosi spoke. Meh. Then I heard Jimmy Carter was going to speak; always good for a laugh. Next thing I know, Mathews and Olbermann are finished blabbing and Carter is already off the stage! Not their fault, they have to keep talking, but it annoyed me so I switched over to CSPAN.

Then loads of speeches about how great Obama is and how he’s a symbol of hope and change and blah blah blah. Then Ted Kennedy. Now he gave a good speech, I have to say. It was passionate, it was inspiring, and it was just what they needed to start themselves off. Then more speeches not worth talking about and then finally Michelle Obama. I didn’t mind her speech exactly, but by the end of it, I couldn’t help be disappointed in the night as a whole. It was so boring!

The 2004 DNC had a lot more firebombing as far as I can remember. Granted, it’s only the first night, so they have time to shape up. But mostly what I saw was a lot of ego-masturbating. We love Obama, aren’t we great? Then again, what else are these conventions for when there’s only one candidate to potentially receive the nomination?


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