How does he do it?

27 August, 2008

If I was invited on a show like this for the sole purpose of being railroaded by a gang of fascist thugs, there is no doubt that I would explode on camera, pepper my harangue with expletives, and prove their point that anyone who disagrees with them is dangerous. This guy manages to keep his cool for the entire 6 minutes, he makes his argument effectively, and I have to respect him for that.

This is 2008, people. Whether you smoke weed or not (I’m of the latter), we have to realize that the lies we’re being fed about it are bullshit, and that if somebody want to get high using a non-addictive drug that is less harmful than drinking alcohol, he/she can do so without turning into Mr. Hyde. The fascist fear-mongering has to stop now. Only when we’re honest about drugs can we hope to win the war on drugs.

Sorry to post two Fox Noise-related entries in a row but I couldn’t resist.


One Response to “How does he do it?”

  1. Rob said

    Stupid Fox, it is in the record about weed making white woman wanting black men. Of course Fox is good for white ignorance and outrage.

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