The candidates’ favorite movies.

11 September, 2008

AFI recently asked a slew of actors and filmmakers what they’re all-time favorite movie was. Malcolm McDowell gave by far the smartest answer when he said you can’t have an all-time favorite because it depends on what mood you’re in (Then he proceeded to sing the praises of Fargo and Goodfellas which helped.)

Nevertheless, it is interesting to hear somebody’s response to the question. Roger Ebert tried to find out the favorites of McCain, Obama, Biden, and Naughty Librarian and wrote about it here.

The answer to that question says a lot about the person answering. It could be used as a screening device on a blind date. Among other things, it tells you whether the person has actually seen a lot of movies, and I persist in believing that cinematic taste is as important as taste in literature, music, art, or other things requiring taste (including food and politics). Thanks to WikiAnswers, I know the answers of the most recent Presidents: “High Noon” (Clinton) and “Armageddon” (Bush).

Despite my feelings about McCain as a candidate, the cineaste in me is pleased and impressed by his obvious appreciation of film. I remember reading last February that he wanted to take a break from the campaign to take in a movie. That movie was There Will Be Blood. Back then, I thought that was yet another example of his senility but now I realize that he just wanted to see what was apparently a great film. Wonder what he thought of it.

I absolutely adore the fact that Dubya’s favorite movie is Armageddon. Not surprised about Clinton’s knowledge of cinema. I don’t rate him too highly as a President but the man is obviously cultured enough.

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