David Lynch’s A Goofy Movie

2 October, 2008


3 Responses to “David Lynch’s A Goofy Movie”

  1. Andrew said

    Thats almost as good as Quintin Tarantino’s Itchy and Scratchy cartoon. I watched Lost Highway about a week ago and honestly I think this video made more sense.

  2. Noah said

    If you couldn’t crack Lost Highway then stay the hell away from Inland Empire. I’m a huge Lynch fan but I hated it. Three hours of badly filmed torture.

  3. Andrew said

    To be honest, I only made it about halfway through, to the part where the main guy goes to jail and turns into some other guy. Now that you’ve said the movie’s crackable, maybe I’ll watch the rest now. I really enjoyed figuring out Mullholand Drive, Lost Highway just didn’t hold my attention. I’ll take your advice on inland empire.

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