Don’t vote.

3 October, 2008

On a side note, I watched the debate last night. Naughty Librarian didn’t do quite as horrendously as I thought, but still, Biden mopped the floor with her. The McCain campaign is doomed.


5 Responses to “Don’t vote.”

  1. omgdidisaythat said

    Really , don’t vote.

    It means you are supporting a corrupt system. It would be interesting to see how the system coped with nobody voting!

    I never vote, it is a matter of principal, decency and humanity.

    And if you believe those idiots in the video, well , I pity you.

  2. Noah said

    If nobody voted then most likely Bush and his cronies would stay in office, and boy would that turn out well. Normally I would agree with you — I wasn’t old enough to vote in the last election but I wouldn’t have done anyway — and I have made it clear many times that there is plenty about Obama/Biden that I don’t support. But they don’t scare me. McCain/Palin scares me witless. So unfortunately I have to side with the actors.

  3. omgdidisaythat said

    Each to their own Noah, can’t say I blame you. But I think they will stomp on you just like the rest. I could be wrong ofc , 🙂

  4. Rob said

    Not voting is only a viable option if there is not a single candidate that represents your values. BUT you should still vote even if you do not cast a vote for a candidate, elections also allow people to approve or shoot down bonds and other issues that have effects upon local education, infrastructure, and other services that directly impact the immediate area where you live.

  5. omgdidisaythat said

    Rob, I want to side with you on this, but I just can’t. Any vote says the system is ok, “we all think it’s working, carry on”.

    My problem is, very very soon we are going to be in a big big depression, the economy is ****, and a vote for any of those guys says, “You **** it all up, but it’s ok”.

    You are right about the local issues Rob, and Noah, the things the actors say in that video is important. But it’s just a pressure to make you support a corrupt system. Why do you think they get so upset when there is a low voting turnout.

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