Much ado about nothing.

12 October, 2008

I have the extreme misfortune of going to the college where the final Presidential debate is being held. Here are some of the highlights:

– Parking lots are closed off days before the debate is taking place.
– Secret Service agents are posing as Public Safety Officers. Hint: The ones who aren’t old, bald and fat don’t work for the university.
– Two-way entrances/exits into campus have become one-way causing back-ups into always-bustling turnpikes which makes avoiding lousy Long Island drivers all the more difficult.
– Said turnpikes are going to be closed off on the big day. That’s right; CLOSED.
– Students on campus are going to be quarantined until the candidates fuck off.

All this so Obama and McCain can jerk off to their egos on national television? I’d rather get back a full day of classes — plus a Saturday class — just so I didn’t have to go through all this bullshit. I might deliberately skip the debate. If I wanted cum shots I’d go to a Peter North web site.

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