Why do Republicans hate intelligence?

15 October, 2008

DISCLAIMER: I don’t subscribe to a political label. As John Lennon once said, “I just believe in me.” In addition, I don’t subscribe to the notion that conservatism itself is an ideology for idiots. That is nonsense. Besides, Republicans aren’t conservative anymore anyway.

Ever since the Bush administration took office in 2000, one thing has become clear. Fruity intellectuals shouldn’t be running for office. There must be something suspicious about a man or woman who is well-spoken about world affairs. This is what destroyed John Kerry in 2004 — although I didn’t care much for him anyway — and now they are trying to destroy Barack Obama on the very same basis.

William F. Buckley must be turning over in his grave. Whether you agreed with the man or not, you can’t deny that he was well-read, cultured, and valued intelligence above all else. What would he say about Naughty Librarian’s pervasive insistence that Barack Obama doesn’t see the world like the hockey moms and the Joe six-packs, and therefore is unfit to be President? What would he say about the fact that his own son has resigned from The National Review — the magazine he founded himself — because its sheep-like readers can’t bare the fact that he is voting for Obama instead of McCain. “Well that means he’s a liberal!” That is what our political discourse has become?

Why do the Republicans do this? Well, if they can tap into enough racists — like the crackpots at McCain’s rallies calling for Obama’s death — maybe they can keep the weirdo black guy out of office. They don’t care about the state of the nation. If they did, McCain would be telling us how to find Osama Bin Laden RIGHT NOW. But no, all they care about is the almighty dollar.

This is not what conservatism is supposed to be. These are not conservatives. These are wannabe fascists who are appealing to the worst aspects of human nature in order to gain votes. I just hope the Bradley effect doesn’t kick in thanks to a few uncultured rednecks.

P.S. Hussein is just a name. If you use that to bash Obama then you are a disgusting retarded racist and you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.


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