I’d probably be more excited for this…

22 October, 2008

… If Jean-Claude Van Damme wasn’t one of the Top 10 worst actors of all-time. This trailer does look pretty cool but why him? Hell, even if I was impressed by the most lackluster action hero who ever lived, when was the last time he had a hit? Surely someone like The Rock or Jason Statham would be a better fit. Or if they wanted to play the “washed-up movie star” card, somebody of his generation with a bit more substance?

Actually this kind of film would’ve been perfect for any number of the great bad-asses in film: Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, I could go on. While McQueen was taken from us far too soon, Bronson and Marvin arguably became cooler as they grew older, and imagining this premise with either gentlemen is somewhat orgasmic to me. Just goes to show you how much Hollywood is lacking in the coolness department these days.


(Actually he looks a lot like Bruce Springsteen on the poster.)


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