You can’t have feelings!

8 November, 2008

A lot of people now believe that Fox News will soon become irrelevant once Bush finally leaves the White House. I couldn’t disagree more. If anything, Fox will become louder, angrier, and become an even bigger outlet for partisan firebombing. Consider that pathetic excuse for a comedian Greg Gutfeld and his appalling mockery of an African-American reporter’s tears over Obama’s win.

In some instances, the reaction was rather ridiculous. Here at Hofstra, it was reminiscent of the Giants defeating the Patriots at the last Super Bowl. Please, must we equate a football game with a Presidential Election? That’s pretty easy to make fun of. But making fun of a man’s tears because he was so moved by Obama’s victory is unacceptable. It’s not funny, it’s not edgy or intelligent, it’s just nasty. It’s the worst kind of humor. Arguably worse than toilet humor, which I despise.

Gutfeld could learn a thing or two from Jon Stewart. At least he doesn’t take pleasure from other people’s emotions.


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