James Bond is not an action hero!

16 November, 2008

Not my words but the words of Roger Ebert which perfectly sum up everything that is wrong with Quantum of Solace.

It’s a terrific action movie but 007 deserves better. What made Casino Royale work was that it took us back to basics. Yes, there is plenty of action, but there is an equal amount of espionage and, well, just being cool. That’s what makes the Connery era so much fun. Here, we have none of the series’ usual grandeur (The villain is so boring!), nor do we have the sense of exotica that comes with every halfway decent Bond flick. I keep reading Bourne comparisons, but to me, it played out more like a Jason Statham film. Lots of ass-kicking and little else of interest.

I still love Daniel Craig. He is the only actor apart from Sir Sean who fully carries himself in the role. He doesn’t need to mug for the camera every few seconds to gain our approval. But here, none of his skills are put to good use. He has a few funny one-liners but none of them are quite funny enough. In fact, the whole script is like that. It’s as though they got so excited after the success of Royale that they didn’t feel like taking the time to polish over every scene and make it as cool as it could be. It’s all…so…bland.

The opera scene, however, was magnificent. That had Bond written all over it. I just wish the rest of the movie could’ve been that sleek. I worry that now the Ian Fleming well has run dry and Cubby Broccoli is long gone, the series is now in the hands of people who aren’t nearly as creative as they should be.

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