Do/Have you work(ed) in a pet store?

16 December, 2008

I’ve been bogged down lately with finals as well as a pain-in-the-ass short silent film shot on a bloody Bolex so I haven’t had much energy for the Kingdom of Doom. I’m taking a short breather right now for a request. I’m currently working on a new comedy series for Hofstra’s Cabaret night about a bunch of cretins who work in a pet store, and I’m looking for episode ideas. What were some problems you often faced? What were the more colorful customers like? What sort of animals did the store specialize in? I want to spend most of the winter break (roughly one month) writing the damn thing so send me your suggestions and send some more. Thanks in advance.

And how about that drawing? So cute it makes me want to VOMIT.


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