Richard Curtis’ new film looks lame.

20 December, 2008

Couldn’t think up a better title. Plus this new trailer doesn’t deserve much:

The traces of the man who once wrote for Not the Nine O’Clock News and co-created Blackadder are becoming thinner and thinner each year. I confess that Love Actually is a guilty pleasure of mine but why is it that everything he attaches his name to is so…bland?

This trailer has plenty of zaniness but is noticably short on humor, and if there’s one thing I’m getting sick of, it’s a humorist who mistakes cuteness for jokes (Mike Meyers, anyone?) We’ve got loads of dancing, loads of shrieking fangirls, a prat fall, an idiot in nothing but his underwear, and not one but two clips of what is clearly the funniest scene in the movie, Nick Frost in bed with Gemma Arterton. Get it? You see, it’s funny because he’s fat.

Now perhaps I am being unfair; you can never fully judge a film based on its trailer. Still my favorite film of the year, In Bruges, was destroyed by its vacuous trailer (Thank God people are finally discovering it on DVD.) But even that trailer looked more promising than this. I mean, how hard is it to advertise a good comedy? Just throw in some of the funnier moments without giving away the sweetest bits. Easy. So either this is one of the weakest trailers ever made or Richard Curtis has completely run out of ideas.

I think it’s time he gave Ben Elton a call and revived Blackadder for one more go. On second thought, leave it. We’ll probably get a repeat of that dreadful TV movie.


2 Responses to “Richard Curtis’ new film looks lame.”

  1. Rob said

    I like the concept, the title sucks, interesting casting choices, trailers more and more are awful though the new Star Trek rocks my world.

  2. Mr. Russell said

    I did see “In Bruges”, in part on your recommendation, and it was good: a strange, beautiful little film. I’m not sure if it was my favorite of the year — I’m also remembering how much I liked “Burn After Reading”. It’s a toss-up with a few.

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