That’s our Charlie.

3 January, 2009

According to the Huffington Post, Charlie Rose mistakenly declared a friend of his dead on his show:

The PBS show had confused him with another George Butler, a longtime jazz record executive who signed Wynton Marsalis, who died April 9.

What’s odd about the mistake is that Rose and Butler are old friends through Rose’s first wife, meeting shortly after they graduated from college in North Carolina.

No matter what anyone says about him, I like Charlie Rose. I like the fact that his show consists of a black background, a host and his guest(s). He’s also quite good when he’s interviewing figures in politics or business, and even though he sounds like a fool whenever speaking to artists, I find his genuine interest in his subjects’ work endearing compared to other talk show hosts who treat them like products to sell.

That said, only somebody as loopy as Rose could be capable of something this insane. Perhaps this is a sign that he needs to lay off the booze before taping his shows. On second though, we need him more liquored-up; it’s more fun for the rest of us.


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