Who gets the TARDIS next? Answer.

3 January, 2009

It’s this guy.

His name is Matt Smith, a relative newcomer to television and as it happens the youngest Doctor yet, going completely against my wishes for the new Doctor to be older. On the other hand, I rejoice over the fact that they haven’t selected a pretty boy or male model to replace David Tennant, something which has upset a large number of superficial retards who seem to forget that the role has mostly been inhabited by creepy old men whom you wouldn’t leave your children with.

Whether he’ll work in the part remains to be seen, and sadly, we have to wait an entire year to find out. Still, it’s only fair that we give him a chance. My only hope is that he is far more eccentric and far less cheeky than Tennant. Smith looks like an archetypal nerd which is useful for somebody who supposedly knows more about the universe than anybody.


One Response to “Who gets the TARDIS next? Answer.”

  1. Ally said

    He was in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. He was cute. I look forward to the socially awkward man of infinite knowledge and lovely bone structure.

    I’m a girl. He’s young and cute. Fuck it.

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