How do the Oscars work?

9 January, 2009

Great article in last Sunday’s New York Times just about sums it up.

The coming Oscars are a potential turning point. After years of indie wins in the best-picture category — and steadily declining ratings for the Oscar broadcast — there is a growing sense that the Hollywood establishment wants and needs to snatch things back. If the Academy Awards are there to answer the question “How does Hollywood want to be seen this year?,” the answer for 2009 may well be, “Hollywood would be happy just to be seen at all.”

It all depends on how well the other films perform at the box office. Obviously The Dark Knight is unbeatable in this regard but we have Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Button steadily climbing the box office charts so I’d say it’s down to these three with Slumdog — the crowd-pleasing little picture that could — the film to beat.



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