Who looks stupid now?

11 January, 2009

I was going to post the following video and comment on how this conversation is so absurd, you’d think it was lifted from an episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus:

But then I found out that it actually is a comedy sketch. The politician is played by the New Zealand satirist John Clarke. The video is called “Explanation Fail” but I guess the “fail” is on all of us, eh?

Now I’m just in awe of how brilliant this piece of satire is. I must check out more of Mr. Clarke’s work.


2 Responses to “Who looks stupid now?”

  1. sartre said

    It’s a minor point Noah, but John Clarke is a New Zealander not an Australian (though he lives and works there). It’s like calling a Confederate a Yankee 🙂

  2. Noah said

    I do apologize. I will edit the post right now.

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