Bale goes Huckabees, part two.

3 February, 2009

As with every outburst from a public figure, it didn’t take long for a remix to hit cyberspace.

It’s funny how easily all of us tend to judge public figures based on moments like these. We may not know the full story but who cares? He overreacted so therefore he’s the Devil! The real reason I posted the original clip yesterday was because I found it funny. I wasn’t on the set that day so what right do I have to judge Bale or anyone else for that matter? As far as I can tell, DP Shane Hurlbut did something stupid that wasted time and money — twice — and Bale took his reaction a little too far. End of story.

At least when footage of David O. Russell’s outburst on the set of I Heart Huckabees was released, we already had the Three Kings fiasco to help formulate an educated opinion (Not to mention the similar stories on the set of his new film, Nailed, which prompted James Caan to quit the project outright.) But this is the only such incident involving Bale that I am aware of. Perhaps he has done this before, in which case I retract my statements, but until those are made public, isn’t he entitled to an isolated incident? Isn’t anyone?

Of course not. He’s a celebrity so judging him based on instincts and half-stories is perfectly acceptable. Never mind the possibility that — I don’t know — he apologized to Hurlbut and made peace? The fact is that as entertaining as an out-of-context clip can be, it doesn’t tell you very much at all, and considering everything else that we could be debating, I question the value in sitting around wondering whether Christian Bale is a prick or not.


One Response to “Bale goes Huckabees, part two.”

  1. valerie said

    It’s so funny how one can expect from the actors to be perfect human beings when they’re supposed to be much more sensitive than “normal” people to do their job, an outburst like that shows that bale is emotional, what happens on a setting should stay on a setting, it would be like showing what happens in one’s private life, when humans cease to be pretty and polished creatures! let’s not judge, let’s enjoy!!

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