Charlie Brooker and the Jade Goody media circus.

3 April, 2009

I was hoping Charlie Brooker would tackle the Jade Goody fiasco upon returning to television and he didn’t disappoint. I happen to believe that if somebody acts like a jerk in life, that fact shouldn’t be glossed over in death. Therefore, while I don’t condone some of the nastier comments on the “Have Your Say” section, I don’t think that dying makes one immune from criticism. Everybody dies.

Other than that, fantastic segment. And if anyone can tell me the string quartet piece used towards the end, I will be most grateful.


One Response to “Charlie Brooker and the Jade Goody media circus.”

  1. Max said

    I couldn’t really find any fauly with his argument – it was well thought out and…possibly word for word perfect. This is the kind of thing that I wish was promoted to a larger audience instead of just over 200,000 people on BBC4 (not there’s anything hugely wrong with BBC4).

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