Watch my short film.

25 May, 2009

The First Kiss is based loosely on Robert Browning’s poem “Porphyria’s Lover.” It was the final project for my Intermediate Film Class, was shot on 16mm with 7219 film stock, and exclusively utilizes post-synch sound. Unlike the last film I made and posted on this blog, Top Model, I am actually pleased with the final product, and once I get some original music and tweak the sound at the very beginning, I will start submitting this to festivals forthwith. Hope you enjoy it.


2 Responses to “Watch my short film.”

  1. Ally said

    I think it’s pretty irrelevant and has nothing to do with the choice of poem (one of my favorites). I did like the cinematography though. Felt like watching something in the 70’s or 80’s.

  2. Noah said

    Well it’s an adaptation. It’s not meant to be a word-for-word translation onto film. But thanks for the feedback.

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