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25 May, 2009

The First Kiss is based loosely on Robert Browning’s poem “Porphyria’s Lover.” It was the final project for my Intermediate Film Class, was shot on 16mm with 7219 film stock, and exclusively utilizes post-synch sound. Unlike the last film I made and posted on this blog, Top Model, I am actually pleased with the final product, and once I get some original music and tweak the sound at the very beginning, I will start submitting this to festivals forthwith. Hope you enjoy it.


“We’ll do it live, fuck it!!”– Bill O’Reilly

It’s difficult for me to judge how well I pulled this film together except that I did the best I could. I was unable to find the location I had been promised, I couldn’t find a similar substitute, and when I went back to my old house in the middle of the woods to shoot the story there, I discovered it had been torn down. In the end, I had to jettison all the pre-production work and start a new story from scratch. Worst of all, I suddenly found out that I only had my actor for a couple hours as opposed to the entire day, so therefore every decision I made was on the fly. If filmmaking most involves crisis management then I wasn’t just the manager: I was the CEO.

My favorite saying about filmmaking comes from the screenwriter Bruce Robinson: “If you haven’t got luck, you’re f***ed.” I’ve decided to ironically call the film Lucky Day as a tribute to this quote. Did my 27 have luck? The film will speak for itself. That said, I couldn’t count the number of times I cringed while putting together my last film — Top Model — together. That picture did not have luck. This one might. Most of the footage came out quite well, and while the final product isn’t nearly as interesting as my original script, the result is at the very least, watchable. Maybe that’s a stroke of luck in and of itself.

Hope you enjoy it.

See the package that was too much for Thursday Nite Live!

P.S. Watch the latest episode of TNL here.

And it really is 150% true.

“Make me look good.”

20 September, 2008

At long last, my directorial debut Top Model is up online for all the world to see. A few words before I direct you to the link.

In the lead-up to the film festival, I kept hearing the same question: Are you happy with it? I can’t remember exactly how I would respond but the truthful answer is that I don’t know. I spent about two months writing the script on and off and the following three months on casting it, shooting it, and editing it. My goal during that time was simply to get this germ out of my system about beauty pageants. Once I submitted the final cut, it was gone. I no longer had any use for it.

The festival itself was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had. Watching something so personal on a big screen with a massive audience of friends and strangers alike was akin to spending an entire day naked in public. The crowd seemed to like it — and obviously I was happy about that — but my level of discomfort was like a wild fire. No positive reactions, no matter how enthusiastic, could’ve put it out.

That was the first time I saw the film after finishing it, and believe me, I have no intention of watching it ever again. It used to blow my mind when I heard about master filmmakers like Woody Allen and Jim Jarmusch never taking a peak at their past work, but now that I’ve done one of these things, I totally get it. Why look back when you know what you did wrong and what you did right? What more would a second viewing offer me? I suppose if you put a gun to my head, I would have to conclude that I do not like it very much. But I have no regrets about making it. I tried to express myself as best I could and that’s all that matters. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this is a worthwhile piece of art. At some point I’ll direct another film. Maybe it will be better, maybe it will be worse, maybe it will be just as good or bad depending on your point-of-view. Who knows? The future, after all, is unwritten.

So without further ado, here is Top Model.

Edgar Wright likes my work!

6 September, 2008

Remember the There Will Be Fuzz mash-up I made a few weeks ago? Well I just discovered that not only has Edgar Wright seen it… He liked it!

From his MySpace blog: Whoever made this…kudos. As a huge fan of PTA’s film, this made my day. And it’s not even 9am.

Oh man… I can die now. For those who still haven’t seen it:

There Will Be Fuzz.

19 August, 2008

Do you like There Will Be Blood? Do you like Hot Fuzz? Then check out my very first trailer mash-up, There Will Be Fuzz!

P.S. Never do a mash-up on iMovie 6.

A sketch from the last season of Thursday Nite Live. I’ve never had more fun doing anything in my life and I absolutely adore this character. Enjoy.

This is possibly the best thing I was involved in during high school. In order to make fun of the supremely idiotic Day of Truth (converting gays to Christianity), my friends and I devised The Day of Ultimate Truth, and made this companion “documentary.” Of course, I gave myself a fake director’s credit, because I was a wimp back then but I spent one great weekend of my life filming and editing all of this.

Now, the reason I’m posting it isn’t just a bit of self-promotion. I just want all of you to read the comments. Some of the biggest morons on the internet have made it their mission to respond to this video. For the record, TulseLuper, UltraMegaLord, and Dowds111 are us. But as for the rest of it…man.